10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board / University / Council


9000/ INR Per semester

About The Course:

Fees: As the ever-rising cut-off percentages for admissions indicate, the B.A. Programme is second to none in its popularity. Students have realized the tremendous potential of this programme as it is able to tap into students’ interests, giving them a broader academic orientation, allowing them to choose from various discipline, application and language courses. The programme has now been buttressed with subjects of contemporary and topical relevance. SVGOI has been consistently ranked among the top Humanities colleges in the Chandigarh-Patiala vicinity. The B.A. Programme course is very competitive. The students are constantly encouraged to do their very best with a well- rounded education. They are exposed to a plethora of ideas irrespective of their courses. These ideas shape strong-willed women in the years to come. Students from the Institute have an intellectual edge over their peers and gain admission to the best post-graduate institutions across the globe where several also serve as teachers. The institution takes in students from varied sections of the society and from abroad and caters to a diverse body of students with different needs.


A degree in humanities is a perfect catalyst for a successful career as these students are not just well versed in their subject, but are also great communicators and excellent writers. These qualities transform them into a host of job opportunities. These graduates can further opt for higher studies or can pursue careers in a diversity of profiles, including Teaching, Counseling, Event Organizing, Sales, Journalism, Content Writing and more.